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“Hayate” hereby confirm that we have adopted the principal set out in “Principal for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct” issued by JFSA on 30 March 2017.

21 June 2017.
Hayate Investment Co. Ltd.

Principal 1.
Policy development and announcement of Customer-Oriented Business Conduct: We have developed our policies and announce them hereunder.

Principal 2.
Pursing the best interests of the customer: We, as Financial Instruments Business Operator, strive to pursue giving precedence to the customer and strive to pursue the best benefit of the customer under any of our financial business activities. For the customer to receive the best benefit through our unique financial products and services, we will continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and services through our research and study.In order to establish this business management as our corporate culture, we require our employees to periodically undergo training for acquire an accurate understanding of our culture.

Principal 3.
Managing conflicts of interests: To avoid the situation in which the interests of the customer would be unjustifiably infringed, we will establish our code of conduct by ensuring the independency and the transparency among business sections by setting up Chinese Wall & Firewall, and, by notifying the customer of the event if there would be a possibility of the conflicts of interests.

Principal 4.
Fees and other charges: We strive to ensure that the explanation of fees and other charges is precise, polite and easy to understand, and the customer can make proper investment decisions based on the accurate understanding of them.

Principal 5.
Provision of information: We strive to ensure that we provide the customer with appropriate and accurate information on the important terms and conditions in clear and easy to understand expression in order to avoid misleading the customer.

Principal 6.
Provision of products and services suitable for the customer: We strive to ensure that by understanding the customer profile from various viewpoints including business, investment intention, needs, experiences and the attributes characteristic we provide the customer with appropriate and suitable financial products and services.

Principal 7.
Motivations for employees to make the customer first: We strive to construct the performance evaluation of our employees from multiple factors including their effort towards customer-oriented business activities. In addition, we require them to periodically undergo training for acquiring and updating accurate and appropriate knowledge with skills on the financial products and services and for enhancing their consciousness of the compliance.