Team Member

Major Members & Advisors


Former President of Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd.,
Former Director of Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) and chaired Self Regulatory Committee of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc.

Yoshio OSAWAYoshio Osawa (B.A., Politics and Economics, Gakushuin University 1964) brings years of extensive experience in international finance and investment banking activities.
He started his career with the Industrial Bank of Japan (currently part of Mizuho Financial Group) in 1964. After occupying various managerial positions in international finance areas, he became the Chief Executive Officer of IBJ International (a subsidiary of IBJ based in London) in 1988. While he held the position, he served on the board of Securities and Futures Association, International Primary Market Association and Euro Clear.
After his return from London in 1993, he became a member of the board of IBJ and led the Securities Business Coordination Department of IBJ. In 1995 he was promoted as the Managing Director in charge of investment banking and asset management business. In 1997, he left IBJ and went to Mizuho Securities (then IBJ Securities) as the Executive Vice President, he was promoted to become the President of Mizuho Securities in 2002 and continued the position until 2005. He also took positions of the Director of Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) and chaired Self Regulatory Committee of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc. Currently, he is the Chairman of Konomi, Inc. and the outside director of YKK Corporation and the Special Adviser of Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. In 2019, he was appointed as a member of the board at Hayate investment Co. Ltd.


Masumi AJIMAGraduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, Political Science Course. In April 2008, joined Coach A Co., Ltd (“Coach A”). In 2009, founded Coaching Research Institute LLP to develop systems and assessments to measure the organizational changes. In December 2010, assigned to be the Representative of Coaching Research Institute LLP. In December 2011, she was appointed as an Executive Corporate Officer covering Business Development and Research&Development Department. Joined “Hayate” in October 2015 as Head of CEO Office in charge of Business Planning.Promoted to Director in Feb.2019.

[Main Lectures / Presentations]
Lecture on “Medical Safety System and Coaching” at Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University.

Lecture at “Development of the organization and Coaching” at 6th meeting of Japan Society for Health Care Management.Provided various lectures and presentations related to Coaching and Organizational Development.

Lecture on “Career Design” at Graduate School of Ochanomizu University.


Susumu started his career as a software engineer in Morgan Stanley Tokyo office, responsible for developing equity trading infrastructure. He has led development projects such as order management infrastructure, dark pool, and smart order router.
He then moved to Morgan Stanley London office to work on benchmark execution platform. To gain more knowledge around the equity trading business, he transitioned to the trading desk of the prop trading team in Morgan Stanley Hong Kong office, which then became an individual quant hedge fund.
He has led various development projects in this hedge fund and was located in the New York office prior to joining Hayate.
His expertise for software development spans across all aspects of equity trading business, from trading systems to post trade infrastructure.
He is an avid believer in DevOps(or even DevSecOps) automation and continuous releases.
At Hayate, he is overseeing a wide range of projects as the CTO, from internal system developments to new tech business initiatives that involve AI research.

Investment Team

Takahiko NAKAO Takahiko has over 10 years experiences as a buy-side analyst in the Japanese Equity market.
After working in the Japanese Equity Division at Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company where he covered mid/small-caps growth funds, long-term growth funds and Smart Beta funds, he started his career in the buy-side as a Japanese Equity analyst for absolute return strategies.
His research methodologies range from generating investment ideas based on equity stories to fundamental corporate value analysis using DCF models.

General Manager - Legal and Compliance Department

Hiroshi YOGUCHIAt DIAM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Current name: Asset Management One Co., Ltd), he was positioned full-time Company Auditor.
At the company, he also took the positions as Trading Screening Group Leader, Compliance Group Leader, and Investment Advisory Management Group Leader.
He also had the experience to contribute himself as the chairman of the first subcommittee of Japan Investment Advisory Association and as a member of Policy Investigation Committee of Consumer Education and Local Corporation Division of Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan.
He joined “Hayate” in October 2017 and dedicated himself as General Manager of Legal and Compliance Department. His hobby is an appreciation of classical music.


Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo,
Chairman of NPO Business Model Association,
Director of Digital Content Association of Japan

Katsumori MATSUSHIMAGraduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering. After working as an engineer to produce aircraft engines at IHI, engaged in the research on the intelligent production system at The University of Tokyo. He successively filled various posts including Head of marketing strategy on the manufacturing at IBM Japan and Managing Director of Price Waterhouse Japan.
Since 1999, he was inaugurated as the professor of School of Engineering of The University of Tokyo. At The University of Tokyo, he held various positions such as Head of Institute of Engineering Innovation and Head of Innovation Policy Research Center then retired in March 2009.
He took the current position as an Auditor at “Hayate” in June 2018.

Advisor – Technical Field

Professor, Waseda University, Center of Research Strategy
Yoshikuni EDAGAWA Ph.D. in Neuroscience from The University of Tokyo (1998). MBA in technology management from Waseda University (2007). Super Technology Officer (STO) from Waseda University (2007). Associate Professor (2006-), Consolidated Research Institute for Advanced Science and Medical Care (ASMeW), Waseda University. Associate Professor, Waseda Institute of Advanced Study (2009-). Professor, Center for Research Strategy, Waseda University (2014-).
Appointed as Technical Advisor to “Hayate” for promoting R&D by utilizing his deep knowledge in Brain science, AI and Management.
Specialty: Neuroscience, Research Strategy and Evaluation, Organization / Human Resource Management.

Advisor – Business Development Field

Katsuhisa ISHIKAWAAt Citibank Japan Ltd, he worked as Executive Officer and Head of Corporate Banking Division and mainly focused on the leading Japanese manufactures.
Currently, at “Hayate” he is engaged in the business development in Japan and Asia as an advisor.