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Founder & CEO

Invited lecturer at Graduate School of Business
Finance of Waseda University

Biography and Next Challenge

杉原 行洋杉原 行洋 Japan Equity Investment Trust Business is our main business currently. My creed to accomplish the business is thorough commitment to know the target companies from all directions by way of “Company Visit”, “Product Check” and “Site Visit” physically. As a result, I have achieved more than 10,000 site visits so far. Our group has received various awards thanks to the track record of our remarkable investment performance derived from the accumulated knowledges and data of those target companies and industries acquired through face to face meetings with management , site visits and analysis of their business model. We are in the process of expanding our business and activities to worldwide including ASEAN and European countries.

To seek for further business opportunities, we are promoting “7 Sigma” project** to develop the way of reproducibility of the sources for the positive performances over the past 10 years in Financial Business through mathematical analysis and AI (Artificial intelligence) approach etc. The team is studying and analyzing from the perspective of “analysis pattern of company value”, “contents of the conversation among the investment team” and “the process of decision making” etc. to seek the clue on the above-mentioned study.

We aim to establish the innovative Fintech to revolutionize the existing business model in the finance world by the findings through the study of “7 Sigma” project together with our historical performance + the cutting-edge technologies like AI + knowledges on the behavioral economics + educational perspective.

*”Hayate” the company name and the company logo are the symbol of my aspiration. While cherishing the good old Japanese tradition and values, I would like to pump fresh blood into Japanese industrial world.

** Team member of the project “7 Sigma” are promising young researchers from various fields like Statistics, Brain Science, Medical Science, Complex System, etc.

Main Lectures / Presentations

2019 Delivered a lecture on “Neuroscience for Better Desicion Making” at MBA program of Waseda University.
2018 "2018 Global Investment Workshop" - attended as a panelist. The workshop was hosted by Cambridge Associates.
"Tokyo Asset Management Forum" - attended as a panelist. The forum was hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Delivered a lecture on “Desicion Making and Neuroscience” at MBA program of Waseda University.
2017 Corporate Reporting Lab – attended as an Observer. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mikiharu Noma, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University and hosted by Corporate Accounting, Disclosure and CSR Policy office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry together with Business Policy Forum Japan
Venture Pitch Contest under Waseda University Edge Program – attended as a Judge.
Inaugurated as Invited lecturer of Graduate School of Business and Finance of Waseda University.
Delivered a lecture on “Intrinsic value and price convergence” at MBA program of Waseda University
Delivered a lecture on “Risk Management” at Graduate School of Engineering of The University of Tokyo
2014 Made presentation on “Consideration on the Investment Strategy how to avoid the negative impact from the market trend on your decision” at the seminar hosted by Mizuho Securities.
2006 Seminar at Keidanren Kaikan on “Current situation of Financial Industry in Japan and their future tasks”.
Seminar at Hotel Okura Kobe on “Quietly but surely, revolution will break out on the financial products”
Seminar at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka on “How to deal with the financial institutions who is in the middle of Financial Industry reform”