Solicitation Positions

The aim of our company is to be a professional firm that has the grit to face challenges and can compete around the world.

We are soliciting for talents who will produce work and add value by proposing their own unique ideas and getting involved in getting people together to achieve our goals. The following solicitation position is simply a rough outline. We would like to inquire the skills you’ve cultivated, your goals, and the areas in which you would like to challenge yourself, so that through this dialogue together we can create a mission and opportunity just for you.

If you would like to aim at being a professional who has the grit to face challenges and can compete around the world, please apply and concentrate on how you would like to challenge yourself at this company. We look forward to your application.

Global Sales 3 people

A position in charge of worldwide sales activities in Europe, the USA, and Asia

Experience gained, value, and appeal
  • Be able to convey the appeal of Japan and Japanese business to institutional investors.
  • Be able to experience the tension and stimulation of conversing with institutional investors who hold top positions around the world.
  • Be able to promote our services and products with the pride that these products have continued to contribute to clients for last decade.
  • Be able to convey an investment story based on a unique perspective and high-quality information attained consistently from locals, workplaces and managements.
Condition and Reception
  • Being fluent in English at an advanced business level or as a native speaker and being able to write reports in English. Five years of sales experience for overseas customers in the financial sector.