Recruitment and Hiring

Our company is actively hiring new talents to further expand our business.

We aim to be a professional firm that has the grit to face challenges and can compete around the world, and we would like to create a team in which people who agree with our aim regardless of the industry they started in, their experience, age, gender identity, sex, country of origin, or academic history. The current members have experiences in a wide range of industries and have various backgrounds.

We value a style in which members thoroughly and constructively discuss ideas as equal irrespective of their role or age, generate ideas and develop business as a team.

Hiring Outline

Commonalities for All Positions

Work Location In general, our headquarters or a location set by the company to perform work when necessary.
There is also an overseas work system
Recruitment Duration Year-round
Salary Determined upon consultation during an interview
Salary Assessment Once a year
Bonus Assessment Twice a year. Determined based on the Training and Achievement System established by our company.
※The first year will be adjusted by the date the employee joined the company
Work Hours Depends on positions, consultation will be during the interview
Overtime Work May occur.
Days Off Saturday, Sunday
Paid Vacation We grant the number of annual paid vacation which is established by law.
Additional Paid Vacation In addition to the days granted above, we designate New Years and national holidays as paid vacation.
Insurance Fully covered (Welfare annuity insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance)
Other A set commuting expense or commuter pass will be paid by the company.