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Financial Business
Business associated with Japanese Equity Investment Trust.

A group firm set up an investment trust, focusing on Japanese listed equities, in 2006. Hayate Investment acts as an investment advisor as well as a research provider for investment trust. We differentiate ourselves in research by focusing on under-researched companies, mainly mid/small-cap firms.
We do not cover companies in research by sector, unlike our peers. We aim to understand the whole value-chains.
Our strength lies in thorough physical visits to target companies and deep understanding of business. We survived the rough period of financial crisis and has succeeded to build a solid track record over the past 10 years.

Track record of Financial business (Investment Advisory)

(*part of the graph). Source: Hayate Partners Pte. Ltd
Note: The achievement is the past performance results of Hayate Partners Pte. Ltd based on the advice of “Hayate”. The achievement is the past record and it is not promising the future performances.

Important notice and Duty of Loyalty and Measures to Prevent Internal Collusion

  • This site is prepared to introduce our business based on the validity information and not always solicit financial instruments.
  • In case we make the business contracts with the customers for the investment advisory, the financial instrument transactions, or, the specially permitted business for qualified institutional investors, etc., the fees and other changes will be subject to the size of the asset, type of the products and the scheme.
  • There are the possibilities for the customers to be exposed to the risks of reduction of the asset value or reduction of the dividend receipt over the performances of investment advisory, or, the share of the collective investment schemes operated for the specially permitted business for qualified institutional investors, etc., due to the fluctuation of market price, interest rate, etc. In addition, fluctuation risks are not limited to those factors. Before entering the transactions with us, we seek your attention to read through and confirm the provision of Pre-Contract Documents.
  • One of the corporative business association we are executing business is one of the investors of the investment trust managed by Hayate Partners Pte Ltd who is receiving our advisory services under Japan Equity Investment Trust business. No further relevancies between the investment scheme of other corporative business association and our Japan Equity Investment Trust business. All the assets for the investment scheme operated by us are separately managed.

Research & Develoment
Development of FinTech by applying cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning

Currently, we are promoting the study to develop the way of reproducibility of the sources of the positive performance under the financial business through the mathematical analysis and the technology of deep learning. We named this project “7 SIGMA”

Team members of the project “7 SIGMA” are the expected young researchers from various fields like Statistics, Brain Science, Medical Science, Complex System, etc. and the team is studying and analyzing from the perspective of “analysis pattern of company value”, “contents of the conversation by the investment team” and “the process of decision making” etc. to seek the clue on the above-mentioned study. We aim to establish the innovative FinTech to revolutionize the existing business model of the finance world through the findings from the study of the project "7 SIGMA" and our historical performance + cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning + knowledge on the behavioral economics + educational perspective.